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Youth Engagement

Igniting young minds

India is known to have a demographic advantage, with around 66% of the population below the age of 35, and the national median age at around 28. Yet, this dividend can be squandered if the youth are unemployed and worse, unemployable, due to inadequate education and scarce opportunities. This is where Sparsh steps in to change the scenario. We focus on programmes that empower young people to realise their full potential and find gainful employment. Not only does this transform their lives and that of their families, but the nation benefits from their contributions to the GDP.


Our experience has shown us that vocational, technical and digital knowledge must be bolstered with training in soft skills like communication and leadership. We need to boost their self-confidence and equip them to face a competitive world.


Young people from rural areas are collectivised and mobilised through youth clubs and balika mandals, which provide training and the assurance of a group that the members can turn to, when in need of assistance or counsel. The young people find that their aspirations need encouragement and support from outside their families, which is what the groups can offer. The members are registered with the Nehru Yuva Kendra Shakti to get access to Government schemes and assistance.


We have instituted programmes in youth entrepreneurship development, digital learning centres, collectivising youth to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and youth capacity enhancement for villages compliant with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They have been encouraged to launch sanitation drives in their villages.








our impact


1. Youth Mobilization and Youth Counselling for Entrepreneurship Development
2. Providing dedicated Mentorship Support for entrepreneurship establishment and management
3. Enabling Business Plan Development
4. Credit Linkages with Banks
5. Ensuring adequate job creation ratio through vocational skill training programs

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