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Eye Care Program

Arjun Mohan Vasava is a 60-year-old resident of Songadh, Gujarat. He is a person who was always filled with hope and supported his family and grandchildren by farming. But a few years back, he developed a cataract, which limited his physical mobility. As his vision was blurring, he could barely manage to walk and was dependent on his family members to do his daily chores. Things went from bad to worse, as he often complained of headaches. His health condition also affected him mentally, as he was forced to stay indoors. Belonging to one of the poorest of poor households, his annual family income was Rs.48,000. On this income, he could barely manage basic family expenses for their five-membered family. He could not afford his regular medical check-ups, so cataract surgery was out of the question. He was filled with hope when community members shared with him about the Sparsh Social Foundation's health care program. The programme supports cataract surgeries for aged community members. He was able to undergo cataract surgery with the support of Sparsh Social Foundation. He regained his vision, and he wasn't dependent on his family members for their daily chores. He is grateful to Sparsh for treatment. He shares, "After the surgery, I started to see clearly. My eyes don't hurt, and I am relieved from those headaches. Now I can do all the activities myself without any help. I can freely move to my village. This was made possible by Sparsh Social Foundation, and I am thankful to them."
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