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Holistic Education

Empowering with education

All human progress has been shaped by the miracles of the human mind. And when a mind receives education, the possibilities of transformation are endless. Today’s India is in need of mass education like never before, as the pace of change in the world is dizzying.


To match the needs of 21st century India, we have set up digital learning centres, where young people gain knowledge of the digital world – computers, applications and the Internet. When the worldwide web opens up in front of them, their minds blossom and they soak up relevant information. These digital learning centres run on solar power, making them more sustainable. They are open round the clock and this has increased the participation of girls.


Students are supported with remedial education, tutorial support and with their extra-curricular activities. Schools are given infrastructural assistance like clean drinking water and toilets, while maintenance support is given for the school buildings.


It is a matter of great regret that many adult Indians still remain illiterate. Sparsh has taken on the task of releasing them from this condition, by setting up centres of adult literacy, where people of all ages receive a basic education and are made functionally literate.


A school has been set up for children with special needs. This is an area where the facilities are severely lacking in rural India. The school provides education and rehabilitation, training in life skills and enabling the students to join the mainstream as much as possible.

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1. Higher Education Support to Improve Gross Enrollment Ratio and provide quality education
2. Extra-Curricular Activity
3. Tuition and Scholarship support for needy students
4. Infrastructure Support to Schools
5. School for special abled children

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