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CSR Services

A well defined CSR stratergy and policy helps both the community as well as the company and determines the overall sustainability of the operations of the company

Undertake Social Development initiatives in a project mode, the need for technical and implementation services are felt by many companies, who come within the ambit of the CSR law. Sparsh Social Foundation which has an experience of over 7 years of on ground planning and implementation experience is now offering targeted services to companies who may wish to professionalize their CSR activities for greater community impact. Sparsh Social foundation over the years has been successful in designing and strategizing the CSR policies and intervention of Umang Dairy and LVP Foods Private Ltd. Our leadership has played significant role in directing the CSR interventions of organizations of the JK group companies.

Developing a CSR Strategy.

  • Conceptualizing CSR strategy and defining CSR philosophy

  • Defining vision, mission and objectives of CSR for the company

  • Prioritizing and mapping against SDGs

  • Recommending causes or social initiatives that complement the corporate mandate

Community Research and Needs Assessment

  • Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

  • Mapping community needs to company resources & interest

  • Recommending initiatives to meet your Stakeholder/community expectations

  • Evaluating internal process and making recommendations to align them with your CSR objectives

  • Primary and secondary research using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Planning and implementing CSR projects

  • Preparing an implementation roadmap and budgets

  • Selecting and training implementation partners

  • Defining processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes and monitor progress

  • Bridging the resourcing gaps by training and sensitizing partners before project implementation

  • Publishing periodic reports for company review

Impact Assessment of Existing CSR Projects

  • Impact Evaluation of CSR activity on business objectives, on NGO partners and on community.

  • Baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluations, Retrospective Pretest model etc.

  • Development of tools for effective data collection

  • Implementation of Research methodologies depend upon the sector, nature of programs and profile of the beneficiaries.

Report Development for the Sector Knowledge

  • Sector Specific Research Reports

  • Gap analysis of Govt. and non Govt. schemes, interventions and other provisions

  • Development of CSR based best practices and successes stories

  • Current trends and approaches in the development sector

CSR Guidance


Guiding CSR projects for corporate India

With the advent of Government mandated CSR activities, corporate India has to design and implement them in project mode. Companies that fall within its ambit need technical and implementation guidance to accomplish this successfully and sustainably. We at Sparsh have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sphere with the design and implementation of our own projects. We are now offering targeted services to companies who wish to professionalise their CSR activities for the greatest community impact.


We have been successful in designing and strategizing the CSR policies and interventions of Umang Dairy and LVP Foods Private Limited. Our leadership team has played a significant role in directing the CSR interventions of corporate entities in the JK Group of Companies.

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