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Community Healthcare

Ushering in healthcare in villages

It is a matter of grave concern that rural India remains deprived of good healthcare facilities, even at the primary level. Most hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres are located in urban centres. Sparsh realised early that all the interventions for women, farmers and the youth would be unsuccessful if the villagers suffered from poor health. We strive to bring healthcare in our project areas in a variety of ways.


Sparsh sets up medical camps where free medical consultation and distribution of medicines is offered. In the Tapi region of Gujarat, sickle cell anaemia was highly prevalent. Sparsh provides regular treatment and genetic counselling to these patients. Camps are held for the screening and surgery for cataracts. Nutritional assistance is provided to the malnourished. Villagers are trained and assisted in setting up kitchen gardens where they can grow their own fruits and vegetables, giving the entire family a much-needed nutritional boost.


Women and adolescent girls are given counselling on female hygiene and reproductive health and are given support in related areas of health and nutrition.


We assist the villagers to gain access to Government schemes for health and pensions. The objective for the entire exercise is to assist villagers to attain optimal levels of health, hygiene and nutrition.

our impact





10,000 +




1. Supporting Eye Care services
2. General Eye Checkup
3. Cataract and other eye surgery
4. Vision correction through spectacle support
5. Continuum of care
6. Medicine support
7. Counseling & educational resources
8. Advocacy & awareness generation through village level Sickle Cell Anemia Committees
9. Promotion of Nutrition Garden
10. Nutritional support for malnourished children
11. Infra support to Anganwadis
12. Rural Health Clinics
13. Free treatment and medicine support
14. Vaccination Support

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